Clifford Brewing Co.

Have a look around our “open concept” brewery where you can see the brews in-progress. Huddle up to the bar, a quiet corner or see the action near to the tanks!

“Walk Around”

Scroll through the pictures to get an idea of your favourite spot in the room!


Located in Nashdale – down by the train tracks at 368 Nash Rd N we are walking distance to great neighbourhoods:

  • Kentley
  • McQuesten
  • Riverdale
  • Parkview


Being close to Confederation Park and at least 3 hotels makes a great spot to stop by and relax on a break away from it all.

Are you doing a brewery/winery day trip? Start at Clifford Brewing Co. and the routes are easy from here.

See The Action Up Close!

Grab a seat right next to the Mash Tun, saddle up to the bar or even sit stage-side.

There is somewhere to enjoy no matter if your looking for sun somewhere for a quite conversation.

If you are by during brew hours, watch the brew crew do their thing – making great beer right in front of your eyes.