Doublewide Double IPA

When Doublewide made its first debut it was early 2011. It was a time when the number of craft breweries in Ontario was barely out of the single digits, IPA’s were still big and bitter, and something like a new brown ale was practically cutting edge!

Double Wide was Brad’s first commercial beer, brewed as a Pro-Am Collab with Beau’s Brewing when he was still a burgeoning home brewer. Realizing it was the 10 year anniversary, we decided we had to revisit Doublewide, a traditional Double IPA, firmly bitter with bright citrus and pine aromas, and a hefty caramel laden, malt bill. We hope you enjoy this Redux version. Cheers!

ABV: 8.0%
IBUs: 80
Size: 473mL
Style: West Coast Double IPA
Sales Locations: Brewery, Online

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